Hillside Memorial Park

Hillside Memorial Park
1025 Canton Road
Akron, Ohio 44312
Hillside Memorial Park website
Hillside Memorial Park (Find A Grave) webpage

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Summit County

Hillside Memorial Park
Coordinates: 41.0379373, -81.4290038
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Photos by Jon Cefus

Tips for birding Hillside Memorial Park
Hillside Memorial Park is a rather typical cemetery. You can view birds from your vehicle or get out and stroll. I was there to look for Pine Siskins for my Summit County life list and wasn’t disappointed. This cemetery doesn’t have huge numbers of trees, but the northeast corner held some, including what appears to be at least one Cedar. Arborvitae was the Siskin’s choice, again in the northeast area.
From Jon Cefus

About Hillside Memorial Park
Established in the early 1920s, Hillside Memorial Park in Akron, Ohio is located near Springfield Lake. The grounds consist of 88 acres of beautiful rolling hills surrounded by shrubs, trees, and flower beds.
From Hillside Memorial Park webpage

The main entrance is on the east side of Canton Road south the intersection with High Grove Boulevard and Mobile Lane. Another entrance exists off the south side of Albrecht Avenue (County Road 44).

No restroom facilities.