Bath Nature Preserve–South Woods Trail

Bath Nature Preserve
South Woods Trail

4160 Ira Road
Bath, Ohio 44210
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Tips for birding South Woods Trail
The South Woods Trail is .43 mile with one end on the North Fork Trail and the other end on the Bridle Trail Loop. This trail traverses the interior of the South Woods.

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Bath Nature Preserve Trails

Tips for birding Bath Nature Preserve
This large nature preserve has a variety of habitat that makes for rich birding. The walking trails lead through open fields, grasslands, forests, wetlands, a tamarack bog, ponds, and creeks. The park includes a field station run jointly by The University of Akron and Bath Township, and there are feeders at the station that attract a variety of birds.
From Susan Carpenter

Birds of Interest
Nesting Henslow’s Sparrows can be seen near oil pump F along the Bridle Trail, and Bobolinks, Eastern Meadowlarks, and most species of flycatchers, vireos, wrens, warblers, and woodpeckers are also frequent sightings.

About Bath Nature Preserve
The Bath Nature Preserve is a 410-acre parcel, which was formerly part of the Raymond Firestone Estate. It was funded by a bond issue that passed in March 1996 and purchased on October 1997 by Bath Township.

The Bath Nature Preserve was open for public use in August of 2001. all of the trails provide public access allowing for an experience of varied habitats and terrain while protecting the sensitive and unique areas of the property.

The Bath Nature Preserve’s diverse habitat and physical feature range from open fields of grassland and old-field habitat to old growth forests and wetlands, which include a tamarack bog, five ponds, and two creeks.
From Bath Township Parks webpage

Restrooms on site, nonflush toilets.