Akron Fulton Airport–Akron Skate Park

Akron Skate Park
990 Derby Downs Drive
Akron, Ohio 44306

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Summit County

Akron Fulton Airport–Akron Skate Park
Coordinates: 41.0371073, -81.4627942
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Photos by Susan Carpenter

Tips for birding Akron Skate Park and Akron Fulton Airport
Akron Skate Park is a public park run by the city of Akron. It regularly hosts Horned Larks and American Kestrels. The Skate Park and other locations along Derby Downs Drive provide views of the Akron-Fulton Airport fields.

There is potential for good winter birds like Snow Buntings or Snowy Owls,
From Brian Tinker

The entrance to the skate park is shown in the first photo, and the skate park sits near the open fields and runways of the airport and hosts Horned Larks and American Kestrels year-round as well as Eastern Meadowlarks and Savannah Sparrows in season. Grasshopper Sparrows have also been found here in small numbers.

During the winter of 2017-18, millet and birdseed were spread regularly in the parking lot (see the second photo) by Brian Tinker, which drew Lapland Longspurs and Snow Buntings for several days. There is also good potential for Snowy Owls and other birds that like the open fields of airports. In winter, the birds are best found in the parking area, but at other times of the year, a birder may have to drive around the general vicinity of the skate park and airport itself.
From Susan Carpenter

No restroom facilities. There are gas stations and restaurants nearby.

Map by Brian Tinker