Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve

Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve
7984 Fulton Drive Northwest
Massillon, Ohio 44646
Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve webpage

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Stark County

Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve
Coordinates: 40.8582219, -81.503484
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Photos by Tom Fishburn

Ohio Birding Day Hike

Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve Trail
From the 1.25-mile Boardwalk Trail, birders and wildlife watchers will be intrigued with the unique, rare and diverse vegetation. Jackson hosts a number of very rare, habitat-specific insect-eating plants including the Pitcher Plant and Sundew. Birdlife is quality over quantity. Yellow Warbler, Common Yellowthroat, Song Sparrow, and Swamp Sparrow can be found in the lush grassy fen wetlands, while Rose-breasted Grosbeak and Indigo Bunting favor the woodland edges. Ovenbird and Hooded Warbler can be heard from within the woodlands, while Great Crested Flycatcher and Eastern Wood-Pewee perch atop open snags at the bog edge.
From Ohio and Erie Canalway website

A description with a map of a hike at Jackson Bog is on the Hiking Project website.

Tips for birding Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve
Access to Jackson Bog is through Jackson Township Park, which is east of the bog on Fulton Drive Northwest. Parking is available at the township park. (GPS coordinates for the parking area are 40.859581, -81.498406)
From Carlton Schooley

About Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve
+ Wet prairie dominated by sedges and rushes
+ Habitat for migrating songbirds and waterfowl
+ Bulletin board
+ 1.25-mile boardwalk trail and interpretive signage
+ Parking is available at the adjacent Jackson Township Park

Jackson Bog is a 58-acre preserve located in northern Stark County and owned by the Jackson Township Local Board of Education and the Ohio Division of Natural Areas and Preserves. The area was dedicated in1980 as an interpretive preserve.

The “uniqueness” of Jackson Bog is a result of natural events that occurred thousands of years ago. Beginning more than a million years ago, at least four major continental ice sheets advanced into Ohio. The most recent glacier, the Wisconsinian, bulldozed its way south from eastern Canada and lumbered across much of North America about 25,000 years ago.

Jackson Bog, which is actually a fen, or alkaline bog, lies at the foot of a dry, sandy kame (a glacially deposited hill or ridge). The belts of kames in this area of Stark County provide an extensive aquifer. These highly permeable gravel deposits readily absorb surface water and then hold it in staggering quantities as groundwater.

Whenever this groundwater reaches the surface, as it does here in Jackson Bog, artesian springs and seeps result. Springs emerge from beneath the elongated kame that borders the northern edge of the preserve. It is these gravel deposits with their corresponding springs that hold the key to the very existence of Jackson Bog.

Located in Stark County, 2 miles north of Massillon on Fulton Drive and .5 mile west of the intersection of OH-687 and OH-241. The preserve is adjacent to Jackson Township Park.
From Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve webpage

Restrooms on site.