Foxfield Preserve Nature Cemetery

Foxfield Preserve Nature Cemetery
9877 Alabama Ave Southwest
Wilmot, Ohio 44689
Foxfield Preserve Nature Cemetery webpage
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Stark County

Foxfield Preserve Nature Cemetery
Coordinates: 40.6815786, -81.6313148
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About Foxfield Preserve Nature Cemetery
Foxfield Preserve is a nonprofit cemetery operated by The Wilderness Center, a nonprofit nature center and land conservancy. Foxfield was the first nature preserve cemetery in Ohio and the first in the nation operated by a conservation organization.

At Foxfield Preserve, visitors walk beautiful nature trails as they visit a final resting place in a nature preserve. A nature preserve cemetery is a place where nature dominates. Functioning as a nature preserve first, we also offer a beautiful final resting place. Instead of a lawn, the land is maintained as forest and prairie. Nature trails provide access to the site, and naturalists are restoring the land to a more natural condition by planting native prairie meadows and reforesting hillsides.
From Foxfield Preserve Nature Cemetery webpage

No restroom facilities.