Eells Park

Eells Park
Bettsville, OH 44815

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Seneca County

Eells Park
Coordinates: 41.2345426, -83.2374644
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About Eells Park
The naming of H.P. Eells Park (Howard P. Eells) came from the man who served as both president and CEO of the Basic from the years 1921 to 1965 and he continued to be involved as a chairman on the board of directors until 1972. In the year 1952, the mayor of Bettsville Edwin Addis who was also a park board member came up with the idea of finding a way to establish the use of the old “Kennedy Quarry,” which was abandoned years before by the Basic. Together the Recreation Board and the Basic met and decided to establish this land as a park for Bettsville and would be named in honor of Mr. Eells. The Basic and many townspeople went using equipment like bulldozers, 500 tons of dynamite, jackhammers, etc to blast out what was the south wall of the quarry. The establishment after working on it was 43 acres which included 9 acres that are quarry area. On opening day on July 29, 1952, they named the former principal Mr. Lynch and one of the coaches at Bettsville High School the first park directors. The park has thrived since this day becoming a huge attraction every year for people from miles around especially on the 4th of July for an incredible display of fireworks.