Moore’s Lane

Moore’s Lane
Moore’s Lane
West Portsmouth, Ohio 45663

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Scioto County

Moore’s Lane
Coordinates: 38.6998795, -83.0619192
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Tips for birding Moore’s Lane
Another good birding area in the spring is along Moore’s Lane (Delorme, pages 84 and 85, C-4). Moore’s Lane is labeled Township Road 151 in Google Maps. It is not labeled in the Delorme Atlas, but it is the first road going south from US-52 after you pass the small community of Sugar Grove, going west. In the Delorme, it is located in the split between pages 84 and 85, between the words Sugar Grove and the symbol for US-52. When birding Shawnee State Forest in the spring, this road is a good location to check for a nice variety of grassland species and shorebirds. After first turning onto Moore’s Lane, there are pastures on both sides of the road. This area is good for Eastern Meadowlarks and several blackbird species. There are usually swallows in the area and maybe an American Kestrel on the wires. Farther south there are agricultural fields that hold Savannah Sparrows most of the year and sometimes Horned Larks and American Pipits are heard or seen. On the east side of the road, there is usually a wet area that should be thoroughly checked for shorebirds (11 species occurred here in the spring of 2003) and there is usually some waterfowl present. Further along the road, there are other wet areas that can be rewarding.
From Ohio Ornithological Society

At this location, the Ohio-Kentucky state line is near the Ohio side of the river. Birds seen on the other side of the Ohio River are in Kentucky. When reporting birds from the Ohio hotspot use multiple incomplete checklists as described below.

Ohio eBird reviewers ask that birders keep precise state and county lists. When you are at a location where you see birds across a state or county line, we ask that you keep two incomplete birding lists, one for each side of the border.

When keeping separate checklists for different sides of a border, please follow these rules:
+ For both checklists, the answer to “Is this a complete checklist of the birds you were able to identify?” must be “No“, because each list intentionally omits birds in the other geopolitical area.
+ Use your exact location for birds detected on your side of the border; create a personal location directly across from you on the opposite side of the border for the birds you detect on that side. (You can also select an appropriate hotspot for either side of the border, but only if it accurately describes your location on your side or the general vicinity of the birds on the other side.)
+ If you freely crossed back and forth across the border while birding, choose an incomplete Stationary or Traveling protocol for both checklists. If you could not freely cross the border while birding, use the “Incidental” protocol for the checklist on the inaccessible side. Do not use the Stationary or Traveling protocol for any lists plotted to counties, states, or provinces you did not actually bird within.
+ We recommend focusing on one side of the border at a time instead of trying to keep two lists at once (you will not be able to keep simultaneous lists running on eBird Mobile if you are using tracks).

About Moore’s Lane
Moore’s Lane, adjacent to Shawnee State Forest, provides views of birds in adjacent fields and on the Ohio River.

No restroom facilities.