Chudzinski-Johannsen Park

Chudzinski-Johannsen Park
Ballville, Ohio 43420
Chudzinski-Johannsen Park webpage

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Sandusky County

Chudzinski-Johannsen Park
Coordinates: 41.3092652, -83.1539131
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Tips for birding Chudzinski-Johannsen Park
This park is in the early stages of development. I went there looking for Dickcissels and Grasshopper Sparrows, which I found quite easily. This was a fantastic grassland prairie. The park is sandwiched between a river and farmland. Nice tree line on the riverbank. Very simple navigation since there was only one paved road to walk on. Parking lot was on the left as soon as you pull into the park, and the paved road was closed to traffic past the parking lot. A scope would come in handy since there are no walking trails off of the paved road and there was a nice looking pond in the middle of the park. I have never seen Grasshopper Sparrows at such a close range. It was very easy to take photos. Bobolinks were a nice surprise.
From Chris Byers

Birds of Interest
Dickcissel, Grasshopper Sparrow, Bobolink

About Chudzinski-Johannsen Park
Chudzinski-Johannsen Park is Ballville Township’s newest park. The park’s setting is on a gentle rolling parcel of land approximately 74.5 acres located next to Tindall Bridge. The park has 1900 feet of water edge property along the banks of the Sandusky River.
From Chudzinski-Johannsen Park webpage

No restroom facilities.