Paint Creek State Park–Little Pond Trail

Paint Creek State Park
Little Pond Trail

Bainbridge, Ohio 45612
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The Highland/Ross county line follows Cedar Run south into the middle of Paint Creek Lake and then continues south on Paint Creek. Highland County is on the west side of Cedar Run and Paint Creek Lake. Ross County is on the east side of Cedar Run and Paint Creek Lake.

Ross County

Paint Creek SP–Little Pond Trail
Coordinates: 39.2483381, -83.3625927
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About Paint Creek State Park
The Paint Creek region lies at the very edge of the Appalachian Plateau in Highland and Ross Counties. This escarpment marks the boundary between the hilly eastern section of the state and the flatter western portions. Most of the plateau in southeastern Ohio was never reached by glaciers, although the Paint Creek area bears evidence of glacial activity. One stream near the park, Rocky Fork Creek, was blocked by glacial ice and reversed direction, rapidly cutting the 75-foot gorge seen today. Sullivantia, an extremely rare wildflower in Ohio, blooms in the gorge in mid-summer.

Equally impressive here are the Seven Caves, all located about 50 feet above Rocky Fork Creek. A short trip to the caves from the park is well worth the time.

Before Paint Creek was impounded to form a reservoir, the creek valley was unrivaled in the state for scenic beauty and its display of wildflowers. Some of this unspoiled land yet remains above the still waters of the lake. Wild geranium, jewelweed, yarrow and Queen Anne’s lace can be found blooming in the woodlands and meadows of the park.

The reservoir provides habitat for numerous waterfowl and shorebirds as well as the great blue heron. Osprey and bald eagles have been sighted over the lake. The limestone outcroppings on the lake’s edge provide nesting habitat for the cliff swallow. Other songbirds, raccoons, white-tailed deer and the elusive wild turkey inhabit the park.
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Restrooms at various locations in Paint Creek State Park, some are seasonal.