Hopeton Earthworks

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Ross County

Hopeton Earthworks
Coordinates: 39.385, -82.98111
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About Hopeton Earthworks
Although the Hopewell mounds and earthworks of Ross County have been well known to the scientific community for more than 150 years, many basic questions have yet to be answered about the sites, and about the people and culture who built them. The early archaeological research focused on mounds and mortuary behavior (e.g., Squier and Davis 1848; Thomas 1894; Mills 1922; Moorehead 1922) and yielded a great deal of information about the artistic and ritual aspects of Hopewell life.

Recent trends in Hopewell research have emphasized settlement pattern analysis and the relationships of the larger mound and earthwork sites to smaller villages and hamlets (Dancey and Pacheco 1997; Pacheco 1996). Comparisons among the large mound and earthwork sites have demonstrated some broad general similarities, but the structure and configuration of most sites are surprisingly diverse. The most thoughtful attempts to build broad explanatory models about the Hopewell world continue to be plagued by a lack of understanding about the chronology, structure, and function of individual earthwork sites. We believe this can be overcome with sustained, multi-year studies of individual earthwork sites.

The Midwest Archaeological Center has initiated a long-term study of the Hopeton Earthworks, beginning research in 1994 with a combination of geophysical surveys and strategic testing. Subsequent research was conducted in 1997 and 1998 (Lynott 2001). The 2001 and 2002 investigations, described here, are a continuation of that work. This work is intended to answer specific questions about the site and to develop a model to better interpret the nature and significance of the archaeological resources at this location
From Midwest Archaeological Center

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