Fowler Woods

Fowler Woods State Nature Preserve
County Highway 77
Shiloh, Ohio 44878
Fowler Woods State Nature Preserve webpage

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Richland County

Fowler Woods
Coordinates: 40.9712147, -82.471447
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Photos by Tom Fishburn

Tips for birding Fowler Woods
With trees undisturbed for well over 100 years, this preserve has over 80 acres of forest, about 50 acres in near-virgin condition. Another part of the area is swamp forest, with beech-maple woods on higher ground. Surrounding fields are in various stages of natural succession and should yield Horned Larks, Field, Vesper, Savannah, and Grasshopper sparrows, and Bobolinks.

Barred owls, Pileated Woodpeckers, Yellow-throated Vireos, Blue-winged, Yellow, and Cerulean warblers, American Redstarts, Ovenbirds, Kentucky Warblers, Scarlet Tanagers, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, and Baltimore Orioles are among the nesting birds.
From Birding in Ohio, pp. 25-26

About Fowler Woods
+ Old growth woods
+ Excellent spring wildflowers

Fowler Woods is an excellent example of a beech-maple community, grading into swamp forest on the lower ground. Several low areas are water-covered most of the year and occupied by large buttonbush swamps. The numerous buttonbush swamps and woodland pools scattered throughout Fowler Woods support a wide diversity of breeding amphibians during the spring and early summer months.

This nature preserve is one of the best sites in Ohio for viewing spring wildflowers. Especially notable are the spectacular displays of marsh marigolds in April. Later in May, the forest floor is blanketed with an outstanding diversity of spring wildflowers including trilliums, violets, Dutchman’s breeches, jack-in-the-pulpit, spring beauty, and phlox.

The woodlands support a variety of nesting birds including red-headed woodpecker, ovenbird, redstart, and scarlet tanager. This is one of the few areas in north central Ohio where one can still hear the haunting song of the veery.

The preserve has a handicapped accessible boardwalk which provides access. The 1.25-mile loop boardwalk trail begins at the parking lot. The site also features parking lot and observation tower.

Spring and fall are the best times to visit Fowler Woods to avoid biting insects.

Richland County, 13 miles north of Mansfield. From the north or south take OH-13 to Noble Road, go east on Noble Road approximately 1.25 miles to Olivesburg-Fitchville Road, then south to the preserve’s parking lot, which is located on the west side of the road.
From Fowler Woods State Nature Preserve webpage

No restroom facilities.

Wheelchair accessible boardwalk.