Ernsberger Road

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Richland County

Ernsberger Rd.
Coordinates: 40.8418497, -82.5380623
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Tips for birding Ernsberger Road
The back side of Mansfield Laham Airport, where Ernsberger Road runs adjacent to the airport property, is basically open agricultural land. A stream runs through the property that has lots of scrub and brush. The Air Force also has planted some prairie and grassland fields next to these farm fields that are good for flocks of sparrows. All of this area combined with the airport open land is great habitat for grassland species and raptors as well as Snowy Owls, which have been reported at the airport in the past.
From Kyle Bailey

About Ernsberger Road
This rural road is in the vicinity of Mansfield Lahm Airport. The agricultural fields are a good place to check for raptors and wintering birds. Ernsberger Road traverses privately owned properties. Please view birds from the roadside only.

About Mansfield Lahm Airport and Vicinity
Mansfield Lahm Airport and Vicinity has been identified by Audubon Ohio as an Important Bird Area (IBA). The roads in this area traverse private lands. Please, view birds from the roadside only.

This IBA consists of open grassy fields, mostly within grounds of the airport, as well as in surrounding agricultural areas. Mowed open areas are associated with the airport and National Guard facilities.

A breeding site for Upland Sandpiper and other grassland birds. May hold 1-5% of state breeding population of Upland Sandpiper. Other areas outside and bordering the airport are privately owned but are used by the Upland Sandpipers and Henslow’s Sparrows.

The airport is fenced off, so it is hard to survey. Some of the best areas are not fenced and are off Ernsberger Road (NW of the airport). The restricted access to areas has probably helped the birds. On the other hand, private land could be developed or taken out of agriculture and developed. The birds use these private lands as well, and the Henslow’s Sparrows are often also on the private areas.
From Mansfield Lahm Airport Important Bird Area (Audubon) webpage

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