Richland County

All Hotspots in Richland County

Bellville Cemetery
Bistline Road
Black Fork River–Bowen Road
Black Fork Wetlands Preserve
Brokaw Road Public Hunting Area
Carpenter Nature Preserve
Central Park, Mansfield
Charles Mill Lake
Charles Mill Lake (Richland County)
Charles Mill Lake–Donaldson Family Trail
Charles Mill Lake–Eagle Point
Charles Palm Park
Clear Fork Reservoir
Clear Fork Reservoir–East (Richland County)
Clear Fork Reservoir–Gass Road Dam And Spillway
Clear Fork Reservoir–Lexington-Ontario Parking Lot
Clear Fork Reservoir–Marion Avenue Access
Clear Fork Reservoir–OH-97 Pull Off #1
Clear Fork Reservoir–Picnic Area #1
Clear Fork Reservoir–Picnic Area #2
Clear Fork Reservoir–Stoller Road Trail
Clear Fork Reservoir–Northwest (Richland County)
Clear Fork Reservoir–Wolf School Road Access
Cooke Family Conservation Park
Cyclops Field
Ernsberger Road
Esbenshade Wetlands
Fowler Woods
Fox Glen Park
Gatton Rock Road
Gilliom-Cherp Nature Park
Gorman Nature Center
Gorman Nature Center–Bird Feeders
Gorman Nature Center–Property And Trails
Greenlawn Cemetery, Crestline
Greenlawn Cemetery, Plymouth
John Todd Park
Kingwood Center
Lantz Cemetery
Lexington Cemetery
Liberty Park, Mansfield
Little Washington Cemetery
Lucas Monroe Township Memorial Park
Malabar Farm Restaurant
Malabar Farm State Park
Malabar Farm State Park–Butternut Nature Trail
Malabar Farm State Park–Doris Duke Trail
Malabar Farm State Park–Junglebrook Trail
Malabar Farm State Park–Mount Jeez Overlook
Mansfield City Cemetery
Mansfield Lahm Airport and Vicinity
Mansfield Memorial Park
Mansfield Walmart Retention Pond
Mount Hope Cemetery
Mount Zion Cemetery, Lucas
North Lake Park
Oak Grove Memorial Park
Odd Fellows Cemetery
Ohio Bird Sanctuary
Ohio State University Mansfield Campus
Ohio State University Mansfield Campus–Bromfield Trail
Orweiler Road Marsh
Pavonia Cemetery
Pioneer Rest Cemetery
Pleasant Hill Lake
Pleasant Hill Lake (Richland Co.)
Pleasant Hill Lake Park
Pleasant Hill Lake Park–Swimming Beach
Pleasant Hill Lake–Barron Road Access
Pleasant Hill Lake–Clear Fork River
Rabold Park
Richland B&O Trail
Richland B&O Trail–Butler
Richland B&O Trail–Home Road Marsh
Richland B&O Trail–Lexington Community Park
Richland B&O Trail–Marion Avenue Access
Richland B&O Trail–OH-97 Parking Lot near I-71
Seltzer Park
Shelby Black Fork Wetlands
Shelby Reservoir No. 2
Shelby Reservoir No. 3
Shelby-Oakland Cemetery
Sites Lake
South Park, Mansfield
Sunset Park, Mansfield
Urwin Parkway Wetland
Windsor Park Cemetery

stakeout Rufous Hummingbird, 2741 Huntsman Rd., Bellville (2016, 2020)
stakeout Northern Wheatear, Shiloh (2018)
stakeout Western Tanager, Delwood Rd. (2018)

The eBird checklist reviewer for Richland is Kent Miller.