Tinkers Creek State Nature Preserve

Tinkers Creek State Nature Preserve
1230 Old Mill Road
Aurora, Ohio 44202
Tinkers Creek State Nature Preserve webpage
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Tinkers Creek State Nature Preserve
Coordinates: 41.2807091, -81.3892937
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Photo by Tom Fishburn

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Tinkers Creek State Park Trails

About Tinkers Creek State Nature Preserve
+ Good opportunities for viewing waterfowl, heron, and beaver
+ Spring wildflowers
+ Parking lot
+ Bulletin board
+ 2.5-mile trail
+ Observation deck

Tinker’s Creek rises in northern Portage County and flows across a high plateau region of bays, swamps, and marshes before cascading through a deep gorge and entering the lower Cuyahoga River.

Tinker’s Creek State Nature Preserve lies amid thousands of acres of rich peat, swamp, and marshland. The nearly 786-acre preserve teems with a great diversity of plant and animal life. Nesting waterfowl and songbirds may be seen during the spring and early summer. Canada geese and wood ducks nest throughout the marshes and can be seen from the trails around the Seven Ponds area.

Beaver ponds dot the preserve and add to the diversity of plant and animal life by providing habitat for greater numbers of species. Whitetail deer, raccoon, mink, weasel, muskrat, and fox are some of the mammals frequently spotted along the trails. Among the reptiles and amphibians present are snapping turtles, water snakes, four-toed salamanders, and bullfrogs.

Even though it is located near a large metropolitan region, the Tinker’s Creek area has remained isolated from development and retains much of its pristine charm and, natural integrity.
From Tinkers Creek State Nature Preserve webpage

No restroom facilities.