Rotary Glacial Esker Trail

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Portage County

Rotary Glacial Esker Trail
Coordinates: 41.2769794, -81.2303134
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About Rotary Glacial Esker Trail
The Glacial Esker Trail (GET) is located behind the Mantua Village Water Treatment Plant, near the Upper Cuyahoga State Scenic River, in the southwest portion of Mantua Village. It is an unimproved 8-foot wide trail on the top of a ridge resulting from the last glacial retreat. The Trail runs between a small lake and the Upper Cuyahoga State Scenic River. It is intended to be a ‘loop trail’ at some point in the future. The Mantua Village Water Treatment Plant wellheads are adjacent to the Trail. The Mantua Rotary Club has provided trail signage and a resting facility, “Rotary Grove”, with benches and picnic tables near the GET trailhead.
From Village of Mantua Parks and Protected Areas webpage

No restroom facilities.