Portage County

All Hotspots in Portage County

Al Lease Park
Aurora Audubon Sanctuary
Aurora Lake Pull Off
Aurora Wetlands Park
Berlin Lake
Berlin Lake (Portage County)
Berlin Lake Bike Trail
Berlin Lake Dam
Berlin Lake Wildlife Area
Berlin Lake Wildlife Area–Fewtown Road
Beverly Bird Sanctuary
Bretschneider Park
Dix Park
Eagle Creek State Nature Preserve
Edinburg Park
Forest Lake Wildlife Preserve
Franklin Mills River Edge Park
Fred Fuller Park and Kramer Field
Havre Woods Park
Herrick Fen
I-76 Portage Rest Area Eastbound
I-76 Portage Rest Area Westbound
James H. Barrow Field Station
Jessie Smith Wildlife Preserve
Johnson Road, Kent
Kent Bog State Nature Preserve
Kent State University Campus
Kent State Golf Course
Kent State University–Kent Wetlands
Lake Hodgson
Lake Pippen
Lake Rockwell
Lake Rockwell–Lake Rockwell Road
Marsh Wetlands State Nature Preserve
Mogadore Reservoir
Mogadore Reservoir–Cleveland Canton Road Boathouse and Marina
Mogadore Reservoir–Congress Lake Road
Mogadore Reservoir–East End
Molnar Audubon Sanctuary
Morgan Park
Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park
Novak Audubon Sanctuary
Paddock River Preserve
Portage Hike and Bike Trail
Portage Hike and Bike Trail–Crain Avenue Bridge
Portage Hike and Bike Trail–Judson Road Trailhead
Portage Hike and Bike Trail–Middlebury Road
Portage Hike and Bike Trail–Peck Road
Rotary Glacial Esker Trail
Seneca Ponds Park
Shaw Woods Park
Spring Hill Park
Standing Rock Cemetery
Sunny Lake Park
Tannery Park
Tinkers Creek State Park
Tinkers Creek State Nature Preserve
Towners Woods Park
Trail Lake Park
Triangle Lake Bog State Nature Preserve
Tummonds State Nature Preserve
Twin Lakes
Walborn Reservoir
Walborn Reservoir (Portage County)
West Branch State Park
West Branch State Park–East Boat Ramp, Gilbert Road
West Branch State Park–Kirwan Reservoir
West Branch State Park–Knapp Road
West Branch State Park–Marina and Beach
West Branch State Park–Rock Spring Road
West Branch State Park–Wayland Tailwater Trails
West Branch State Park–West Boat Ramp
Wingfoot Lake
Wingfoot Lake State Park

The eBird checklist reviewer for Portage County is Dwight Chasar.