Pike Lake State Park

1847 Pike Lake Road
Bainbridge, Ohio 45612
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Also, see Pike County Birding Drive

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Pike County

Pike Lake SP
Coordinates: 39.1573528, -83.2173157
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Tips for birding Pike Lake State Park
Ohio Birding Day Hike: Pike Lake Trails

A segment of the Buckeye Trail passes through Pike Lake State Park.

About Pike Lake State Park
Pike Lake region is located in the unglaciated portion of the Appalachian plateau in Ohio. As the Appalachian Mountains were uplifted, this plateau was created west of the new mountain range. The plateau marks the boundary between the hilly eastern section of Ohio and the flatter western portions. Just thirty miles west of Pike Lake, the terrain changes dramatically from forested hills to rolling farmland.

The landscape of Pike Lake is characterized by dense forests of oak, hickory, tulip, ash and other hardwoods. Several outcroppings of the sandstone bedrock have been exposed in the park.

The dense forest and remote location of Pike Lake create excellent habitat for Ohio’s forest game animals. White-tailed deer, ruffed grouse, gray squirrel, rabbit, and the elusive wild turkey are abundant. Other mammals in the park include skunk, opossum, raccoon and red fox. Reptiles include the box turtle, black snake, five-lined skink, and the endangered timber rattlesnake.

The forest is known for its variety of ferns, mosses, lichens, and fungi. The wildflowers are diverse, creating spectacular displays–spring through autumn.
From Pike Lake State Park webpage

Restrooms are at locations identified on the Pike Lake State Park map.