Toussaint Wildlife Area

Toussaint Wildlife Area
Oak Harbor, Ohio 43449
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Also, see Toussaint River

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Ottawa County

Toussaint Wildlife Area
Coordinates: 41.5789376, -83.1536613
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Toussaint Wildlife Area–Toussaint River @ OH-19
Coordinates: 41.578969, -83.149142
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Photos by Vic Fazio

About Toussaint Wildlife Area
This 231-acre wildlife area is located off OH-19, approximately five miles north of Oak Harbor. Access to the marsh units is from Township Road 92, one-half mile west of OH-19.

The Toussaint Wildlife Area is situated in the flat glacial lake plain region of northwest Ohio. Approximately three-quarters of the area consists of managed wetlands and open water. The marshes are shallow, varying from one to three feet in depth, with deeper channels created by the construction of dikes.

The Toussaint River runs through and divides the wildlife area. The marsh area lies on the west side of the Toussaint River; angler access is on the east side of the river.

The Toussaint Wildlife Area was purchased in 1959 for waterfowl hunting and as an access to the Toussaint River for anglers and duck hunters. A portion of this area is a river marsh, bounded on the north and east by the Toussaint River. Prior to purchase by the state, this portion was operated as a private waterfowl shooting area. With enactment and strict enforcement of the “no baiting” regulation, however, duck hunting success on the marsh declined.

Wildlife management work has included renovation and modification of dikes, installation of an electric pump, and seasonal flooding of the diked marsh units. Management to encourage natural waterfowl foods and a favorable location encourage the use of this area by migrating waterfowl and other wetland wildlife.
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