South Bass Island–Jane Coates Wildflower Trail

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Ottawa County

South Bass Island–Jane Coates Wildflower Trail
Coordinates: 41.6340927, -82.8372346
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About Jane Coates Wildflower Trail
The Jane Coates Wildflower Trail is a half-mile loop trail offering views of a variety of wildflowers as well as migratory songbirds.

Funds from a private donor and a Clean Ohio Conservation Fund grant in November 2007 allowed the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy to purchase three acres of woods adjacent to the Ladd Carr Wildlife Woods. The Jane Coates Wildflower Trail links the two properties.

The Trail area is wooded with a mix of Sugar Maple, Blue Ash, Basswood, Black Cherry, and Common Hackberry. Wildflowers like Dutchman’s Breeches, Jack in the Pulpit and Blue Phlox are present in the spring. It is a great place to watch birds, enjoy wildlife, and walk in the woods. Jane Coates, a well known former island artist, was well known for her love of the island and especially its wild areas.
From Jane Coates Wildflower Trail webpage

About South Bass Island
The 1,588 acre South Bass Island is only eclipsed by Kelleys Island in size among the Ohio Lake Erie islands. It receives the heaviest visitation of any island int he lake, Ohio or otherwise, thanks to the popular Put-in-Bay community. The year-round residents only number about 130, but their ranks are swollen by thousands of visitors from April through October.

As with the nearby islands, birding can be fabulous on South Bass Island, especially during migration when the trees can be full of songbirds. Tourist traffic is also lighter in early to mid-May and September when migrant numbers and diversity peak. The island is too large to readily cover by foot, but golf carts can be rented, or autos can be brought over via ferry.
From South Bass Island Lighthouse webpage

No restroom facilities.