Ottawa County

All Hotspots in Ottawa County

Alexander Pike
Battlefield Park
Bay Point
Black Swamp Bird Observatory and Trails
Camp Perry Beach
Camp Sabroske
Catawba Island
Catawba Island State Park
Catawba Point Preserve
Cedar Meadow Preserve
Cover Road Wetlands
Danbury Pond
Darsch Road
Dempsey Boat Basin
Duff-Washa Road Wetland
East Harbor State Park
East Harbor State Park–Beach Ridge
East Harbor State Park–Middle Harbor
East Harbor State Park–Offshore
East Harbor State Park–West Harbor Trail
East Harbor State Park–Wetlands Trail
Erie-Ottawa International Airport
Gibraltar Island
Gottron Wetland Restoration
Great Egret Marsh Preserve
Johnson Island
L.J. Darr Memorial Wetlands Restoration
Lake Erie Pelagic–Littoral (Ottawa County)
Lake Erie Pelagic–Open Water (Ottawa County)
Lake Erie–Ohio Islands Offshore East
Lake Erie–Ohio Islands Offshore West
Lake Erie–US-Canada Border Waters
Lake Point Park
Lakeshore Drive Waterfront
Lakeside Daisy State Nature Preserve
Lickert-Harder Road
Little Portage River–Lower
Little Portage Wildlife Area
Lucien Clemons Park
Magee Marsh Wildlife Area
Magee Marsh (Ottawa County)
Magee Marsh–Causeway Marshes (Ottawa County)
Magee Marsh–Entrance Road
Magee Marsh–Migratory Bird Center and Trails
Marblehead Ferry Dock
Marblehead Lighthouse State Park
Mazurik Access
Meadowbrook Marsh
Middle Bass Island
Middle Bass Island State Park
Middle Bass Island–Petersen Woods and Kuehnle Wildlife Area
Miller Ferry
Muddy Creek
Muddy Creek Bay (Ottawa County)
North Bass Island
North Coast Inland Trail–Elmore
OH-2 @ OH-19
OH-2 @ Russell Road
OH-2 La Carpe Creek Rest Area
Ottawa County Courthouse
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge (Ottawa County)
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Adam Grimm Prairie
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Boss Unit
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Crane Creek Estuary (Ottawa County)
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Darby Unit
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Entrance Pool
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Fox Nature Preserve
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Kontz Unit, Bodi and Lemon Roads

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Little Portage Unit
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Lower Toussaint Unit
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Marinewood Unit
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Middle Toussaint Unit
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Navarre Marsh
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Nehls Memorial Preserve
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Ottawa-Lucas County Road (Ottawa County)
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Pool 1 Trail
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Show Pool
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Stange Prairie
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Turkey Run Unit
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Two Rivers Unit, O’Neal Road
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Two Rivers Unit, West Portage River South Road
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Upper Toussaint Unit
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Visitor Center and Boardwalk
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Walking Trail Pools
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Walking Trail Woodland
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–West Harbor Landing
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Wildlife Drive (Ottawa County)
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Woodies Roost Trail
Port Clinton Lakefront Preserve
Portage Rivers
Portage River @ OH-163
Portage River Estuary
Portage River Fishing Access
Portage River Inlet
Portage River–Oak Harbor
Put In Bay Ferry
Sackett Cemetery
Sandusky Bay
Sandusky Bay (Ottawa County)
Sandusky Bay–Outer Basin (Ottawa County)
Schedel Gardens
South Bass Island
South Bass Island State Park
South Bass Island–Coopers Woods
South Bass Island–Dodge Woods Preserve
South Bass Island–Jane Coates Wildflower Trail
South Bass Island–Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center
South Bass Island–Lighthouse
South Bass Island–Massie Cliffside Preserve
South Bass Island–Oak Point State Park
South Bass Island–Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial
South Bass Island–Scheeff East Point Nature Preserve
South Bass Island–Terwilligers Pond
South Plasterbed Road
Stange Road @ Krause Road
Stange Road @ W. Walbridge East Road
Starve Island
Toussaint River
Toussaint River Estuary
Toussaint River–Packer Creek Area
Toussaint Wildlife Area
Toussaint Wildlife Area–Toussaint River @ OH-19
Turtle Creek Bay
Turtle Creek Estuary
Turtle Creek Estuary–Lemon Road Bridge
Turtle Creek Fishing Access
Union Cemetery, Oak Harbor
Winous Point
Winous Point Marsh–Dike along Muddy Creek Bay
Winous Point Marsh–Entrance Road Woods
Winous Point Marsh–Horseshoe Loop
Winous Point Marsh–Horseshoe Unit
Winous Point Marsh–N. Lily Pond
Winous Point Marsh–North Marsh
Winous Point Marsh–Road to Canvasback Pt.
Winous Point Marsh–Slates Pt.
Winous Point Shooting Club (Ottawa County)
Yetter Road Fishing Access
Zenser Road

The eBird checklist reviewers for Ottawa County are Guatam Apte, Jeremy Dominguez, Cassidy Ficker, and Paul Jacyk.