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About McAfee Tree Farm Important Bird Area
This IBA consists of the 87 -acre woodland containing a 30-acre tract of high-diversity beech-oak-red maple forest. It is high-quality woodland in a large expanse of farmland and low quality woodlots. It contains State-listed plants, due to the probability that it has never been grazed. Both the trees and the herbaceous layer are high quality and significant for this highly impacted portion of the state.

This woodland attracts forest species and functions as a high-quality migrant stopover area. There is a Great Blue Heron colony on site. This type of woodland is rare in the agricultural region of west-central Ohio.
Conservation Issues

Woodland has been well managed for sustainable selective timber cutting by an Ohio lumber company. Little other natural land has been guaranteed a future in western and northwestern Ohio. Selective timber cutting; habitat conversion.

Owner: Pike Lumber Company, Akron, OH; Area farmers on contiguous woods.
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