Shawnee State Forest Panoram Birding Drive

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Shawnee State Forest Panoram Birding Drive
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The Panoram Loop is a signed driving loop in Shawnee State Forest with the beginning and end on OH-125.

Scioto County

Shawnee State Forest–Forest Road 1, Panoram Loop
Begin the drive by going north on Forest Road 1 from the intersection with OH-125. The Panoram Loop East eBird hotspot may be used for a checklist along this length of Forest Road 1. This road follows the Harber Fork of Turkey Creek up a hill and then climbs to the intersection with Forest Road 4. During the spring migration, watch for Ovenbirds, Yellow-throated Warblers, Hooded Warblers, and more. There are many places to stop along the route. Be sure to pull off the road as much as possible. Near the intersection with Forest Road 4, there is a bridge with parking space on either side of the road. Close your checklist when you are ready to begin the next section of the drive.

Shawnee State Forest–Forest Road 4, Panoram Loop
Begin a new checklist for Panoram Loop Central when you turn left onto Forest Road 4. There are several turns in this section, all marked with signs at the intersections. It is not unusual to find 10 or more warbler species along this section. Watch and listen especially for Worm-eating Warblers here. Take the left fork onto Forest Road 6 at the intersection. You may keep the Central checklist open until the intersection with Forest Road 3.

Shawnee State Forest–Forest Road 6, Panoram Loop
Begin a new Panoram Loop West checklist when Forest Road 6 turns left and joins Forest Road 3 for a distance. Turn right when Forest Road 6 joins Big Run Road and then left when Forest Road 6 leaves Big Run Road. All the intersections are signed. This entire drive can be a very productive spring warbler viewing experience. The drive ends when Forest Road 6 meets OH-125.