Yoker Valley Road

Yoker Valley Road
Cumberland, Ohio 43732

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Muskingum County

Yoker Valley Rd. (view from roadside only)
Coordinates: 39.9294362, -81.7179453
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About Yoker Valley Road
Yonker Valley Road is a very lightly traveled gravel road. I have spent an hour standing out on this road on several occasions, and at most 2-3 cars travel by, all going slow (20-25 mph), all local. It is not a shortcut to any place. There are a few farms at the south end of the road. Those who drive by appear to be used to seeing birders, as they smile and wave.

It’s been a great place for grassland birds: Bobolinks, Meadowlarks, Grasshopper and Savannah Sparrows, and Dickcissels. The north end is uncut grass, land leased for hunting by a local Amish family. There are both telephone wires and locust post wire fences for birds to perch on. As you progress south, after the first mile, the landscape becomes scrubbier and you see more birds that like Yellow-breasted Chats who like those transitional landscapes. Then it descends into some small patches of woods near the farms. In the winter I’ve seen Northern Harriers here, and at least one December Christmas Bird Count in the past found Snow Buntings here. About a half-mile down from OH-313, Chipmunk Road heads east and is grassland for several hundred yards before descending into woods.

The road sign says Yoker Road. Some online maps list it as Yoker Road, some as Yoker Valley Road.
From William Kerrigan

About Yoker Valley Road
Yonker Valley Road (County Road 203) goes south from OH-313. This area is northeast of The Wilds. The road traverses privately owned properties. Please view birds from the roadside only.

No restroom facilities.