The Wilds–International Road

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Muskingum County

The Wilds–International Rd.
Coordinates: 39.826213, -81.711596
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Please, note that leaving roadways and walking on Wilds property is not permitted.

Tips for birding International Road
International Road has been the most fruitful stretch for golden eagles and the prairie falcon has been seen here on a number of occasions. Big vistas, worth frequent stops to scan. The Headquarters of The Wilds can be reached by taking a dirt road about halfway along this route if the gate’s open. There is more habitat here, plus views of some of the exotic animals — giraffes, elk, horses, and more.

International Road descends into a wooded area before it ends at OH-340. This is a birdy spot, with lots of different habitats visible, but not for open-country raptors.
From Bill Whan

Tips for birding The Wilds
From BirdWatchingDaily website

About The Wilds
The Wilds is a private, non-profit safari park and conservation center that combines cutting-edge conservation science and education programs with hands-on experiences and one-of-a-kind adventures that include ziplining, horseback riding, fishing and more. Located in southeast Ohio, the Wilds is home to rare and endangered species from around the globe living in natural, open-range habitats.

The property encompasses 9,154 acres or approximately 14 square miles and includes 2,000 acres of pastures and a 27-acre Carnivore Conservation Center. The Wilds is designated an Audubon Important Bird Area so the property includes a birding station with covered lookout as well as a butterfly habitat with hiking trails, more than 15 miles of mountain bike and hiking trails and approximately 150 lakes.

With nearly 10,000 acres of grasslands, woodlands, wetlands and lakes, the Wilds is home to a great diversity of bird species. Audubon has recognized the Wilds as one of Ohio’s Important Bird Areas, and birdwatchers from near and far have discovered the abundance of bird life here.
From The Wilds webpage

No restroom facilities.