Dillon State Park–Big Run Boat Ramp

Dillon State Park
Big Run Boat Ramp

Nashport, Ohio 43830-9568
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Dillon SP–Big Run Boat Ramp
Coordinates: 40.0023682, -82.0834386
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Photo by Tom Fishburn

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About Dillon State Park
Dillon State Park in Muskingum County is situated in an area of the state that possesses diverse and interesting natural features resulting from the unique properties of the Black Hand Sandstone. Sand, eroded hundreds of millions of years ago from mountains farther east, accumulated in a vast delta in the sea covering the region. This hard bedrock erodes to form sheer cliffs and supports a lush, hardwood forest.

The rolling, reverting farmland of the Dillon area provides visitors the opportunity to see some of Ohio’s most magnificent wildlife. White-tailed deer, ruffed grouse, and wild turkey can be seen by quiet observers. During migration, numerous species of waterfowl visit Dillon’s waters and sightings of bald eagles have also been reported.
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Restrooms at locations identified on Dillon State Park map.