Mount Gilead State Park

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Morrow County

Mount Gilead SP
Coordinates: 40.5503959, -82.810607
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Ohio Birding Day Hike

Mount Gilead State Park Trails
There are 6 hiking trails in Mount Gilead State Park totaling 5.5 miles
Big Oak Trail, .4 mile
Bridle Trail, 1.5 miles
Lake View Trail, 1.7 miles
Spring Trail, .3 mile
Whetstone Loop, .8 mile
Whetstone Trail, .8 mile

About Mount Gilead State Park
The wealth of natural wonders found at Mt Gilead State Park can be traced back to the Ice Age–a time when two-thirds of Ohio was frozen land covered with glacial ice, nearly a mile thick in places. During this age, many changes occurred in the Ohio landscape: the stream systems were altered, topography changed and the Great Lakes were formed. The glaciers left Ohio with a legacy of valuable natural resources.

In the vicinity of Mount Gilead, three end moraines (linear ridges of glacial sediment deposited along the ice edge) converged and account for the rolling terrain seen today. A beautiful stand of second growth beech-maple forest exists at Mount Gilead.

The mature woodlands provide a glimpse of what Ohio was to the early settlers. Wildflowers such as wild geranium, hepatica, trillium and bloodroot, carpet the spring forest floor. The leafy canopy is occupied by the wood thrush, white-breasted nuthatch, Carolina wren, and other songbirds. Skunks, raccoons, white-tailed deer, and a variety of other mammals make this park their home.
From Mount Gilead State Park webpage

Restrooms at locations identified on Mount Gilead State Park map.

Wheelchair accessible picnic areas.