Luke Chute Conservation Area

Luke Chute Conservation Area
Stockport, Ohio 43787

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Morgan County

Luke Chute Conservation Area
Coordinates: 39.5398886, -81.7265117
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Tips for birding Luke Chute Conservation Area
The trails are mowed and well maintained at this park which makes them easy to follow.
From Margaret Bowman

About Luke Chute Conservation Area
Luke Chute Conservation Area is 31.5 acres and is located in Morgan County, Windsor Township, on OH-266, 5 miles from OH-60 and 5 miles from Stockport.

The conservation area is bounded on two sides by the highway and the Muskingum River, this land lies on two levels: floodplain and a higher bench. The floodplain portion is bisected by a small stream, Cabin Run. The level portions were farmed until several years prior to the acquisition. The hillsides support mixed hardwoods.

Friends of the Lower Muskingum River (FLMR) has provided a parking area with signage visible from the highway, has developed approximately two miles of walking trails, and has built a picnic shelter. This has been done by volunteer labor and with salvaged materials.

An old granary (building for storing corn and other grain) is being preserved. Possibly dating back to the Civil War or before, it is in excellent condition and shows the craftsmanship of that era.

The conservation area is bounded on the south by a 30-acre property owned by Doug Albaugh, a Friends of the Lower Muskingum River board member, who has donated a conservation easement to FLMR. Together, these two tracts constitute over 60 acres of protected land, including an island in the river, of over 5 acres. On the north, and between the conservation area and the river, north of Cabin Run, are privately owned lots with houses or seasonal cottages.

The Friends removed over 100 tires and a number of car batteries from an old dump site. Two barns and a silo are being torn down and removed. A high-tension power line crosses the property, as does a private driveway providing access to the home lots east and north of the property.

With volunteer labor, FLMR is working to control tree of heaven, garlic mustard, and wintercreeper.

FLMR used a Clean Ohio Conservation Fund grant in order to acquire approximately 29 acres of a small wooded valley on Cabin Run on the opposite side of OH-266 from the main part of the preserve. An additional walking trail can be accessed there.
From Luke Chute Conservation Area

Restrooms on site.