How to merge a personal location with an eBird Hotspot

Click on “My eBird” at the top right hand of any page in eBird.

In the column headed “My Checklists” click on the 4th item “Manage My Locations”

In the search box type the name or part of the name of the location you want to merge. Click on the name when it appears in the search results. OR you can simply find the location in the list and click on “Edit”

This will bring up the mapping tool with your location centered. Note the 3 radio buttons beneath the name of your location.
Click on the “Merge” radio button. Your location should show up as a green marker, available Hotspots will be in red. Click on the one with which you want to merge your data.

There is a check box you should check, “Delete after merging”, which will remove your old personal location when you do the merge.

If everything looks correct, click on “Merge”. eBird will ask you if you are sure. Confirm that you want to merge.

Your records are now merged into the shared Hotspot and your old personal location is deleted.