Grand Lake Saint Marys State Park–West Bank Picnic Area

Saint Marys, Ohio 45885
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Also, see Grand Lake Saint Marys State Park, St. Marys River-Grand Lake Important Bird Area, and Mercer County Birding Drive

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Mercer County

Grand Lake Saint Marys SP–West Bank Picnic Area
Coordinates: 40.5200957, -84.5755434
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Grand Lake Saint Marys Trails

Tips for birding West Bank Picnic Area
There is parking in several lots along Band Road for this picnic area and a trail along the shore of Grand Lake Saint Marys. There are views of birds on the lake, and the picnic area attracts a variety of woodland birds.

About Grand Lake Saint Marys State Park
Grand Lake Saint Marys lies along one of the country’s major migration routes. Waterbirds using the lake as a resting stop include Canada geese, ducks, grebes, swans, egrets, loons, herons, cormorants, and ospreys. Many ducks, geese, and heron also nest here. Bald eagles, magnificent birds long absent from the area, have again nested on the southwest corner of the lake at the wildlife refuge. Other animals of the park include fox squirrel, mink, raccoon, beaver, coyote, white-tailed deer and many others.
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Restrooms and handicap accessible facilities at locations identified on Grand Lake Saint Marys State Park map.