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Medina, Ohio 44256
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Medina County

Lake Medina
Coordinates: 41.142287, -81.824707
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About Lake Medina
The entrance to Lake Medina is located on OH-18. There is a parking lot off OH-18 and another lot on Granger Road.

The Medina County Park District secured a lease agreement with the city of Medina to turn the lake into a county park. Lake Medina is a hidden oasis nestled between OH-18 to the south and Granger Road to the north, just west of I-71.

In the early 1960’s, the city of Medina was looking for a way to supplement its water supply. A decision to create an upland reservoir was made and the development of Lake Medina began. Through the creation of a long earthen levy, the valley adjoining the west branch of the Rocky River was flooded with water pumped from the river. Three large-capacity pumps located in the concrete pump house on the northern side of the lake were used daily as the city pumped water into the lake and took out water to be used for the city water supply. Due to increasing demands for water as the city grew, an alternate water supply from Lake Erie was developed and the lake was no longer used as a water supply after June of 2002.

The 1.63-mile Lake Medina Trail is an asphalt path that follows the willows and sycamores along the West Branch of the Rocky River and connects to the city of Medina’s paved trail along Reagan Parkway. The 10-foot-wide trail runs along the bottom of the reservoir’s dam, crosses the river channel twice with bridges and boardwalks, and provides a safe crossing of OH-3 and Reagan Parkway, utilizing crosswalks and a pedestrian signalization system.
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Restroom on site, portable toilet at OH-18 parking lot.