Hinckley Reservation–Whipps Ledges

Hinckley, Ohio 44233
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Also, see Hinckley Reservation, Rocky River-East Branch Important Bird Area, and Hinckley Reservation Birding Drive

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Medina County

Hinckley Reservation–Whipps Ledges
Coordinates: 41.2188035, -81.7028064
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Tips for birding Whipps Ledges
Back on State Road, continue north (right), crossing the Rocky River, and turn right up the side road to the Whipp’s Ledges Picnic Area. You may park at the end of the road and follow the trails upwards to the base of the Ledges, a favorite of rock climbers. This area is also known as one of the Cleveland area’s most reliable spots for nesting Kentucky Warblers, although only a few pairs are ever present. Look especially in old cut-over openings, particularly those sporting grapevine tangles. Nesting Chestnut-sided Warblers are also fond of these areas. All the deep-woods species may be expected here. Hooded Warbler is quite common.
From Ohio Ornithological Society website

About Whipps Ledges
Hinckley Reservation is one of the few places in northeast Ohio with exposed sandstone ledges of Sharon Conglomerate. The geology not only provides unique recreational rock climbing opportunities (by permit only) but also unique habitats. Natural seeps originating from the ledges support rare species like native brook trout.

Tips for birding Hinckley Reservation
Ohio Birding Day Hike: Hinckley Reservation Trails

From Ohio Ornithological Society website

About the Hinckley Reservation
At the southern end of Cleveland Metroparks is Hinckley Reservation, the site of the nationally-known annual Return of the Buzzards. From hiking at Whipp’s Ledges to kayaking on Hinckley Lake, there are a variety of activities here for everyone.

Another attraction of the reservation is Whipp’s Ledges, with elevations rising 350 feet above Hinckley Lake and formed more than 250 million years ago.

Worden’s Ledges has unique carvings made in the 1940s by Noble Stuart, son-in-law to the namesake of the ledges, Hiram Worden. Hike the Worden’s Ledges loop trail to see the carvings.

Rising Valley, located off Newton Road, which was transferred by Hinckley Township to Cleveland Metroparks, has public access trails.
From Hinckley Reservation webpage

Restrooms at locations identified on Hinckley Reservation map.