Medina County

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Hinckley Reservation Birding Drive
Medina County Birding Drive

Rocky River-East Branch Important Bird Area

Top Hotspots in Medina County
100 or more species reported (updated 10/1/2018)
Chippewa Inlet Trail–North – 175
Chippewa Lake–Krabill Shelter – 173
Spencer Lake Wildlife Area – 163
Hinckley Reservation – 161
Buckeye Woods Park – 160
Lake Medina – 151
Hinckley Reservation–Johnson Picnic Area – 140
Wolf Creek Environmental Center – 138
Hubbard Valley Park – 138
River Styx Park – 134

All Hotspots in Medina County
Allardale Park
Austin Badger Park
Buckeye Woods Park
Buckeye Woods–Schleman Nature Preserve
Chippewa Inlet Trail–North
Chippewa Inlet Trail–South
Chippewa Lake Park
Chippewa Lake–Chippewa Lake Boat Ramp
Chippewa Lake–Krabill Shelter
Chippewa Rail Trail
Fred Greenwood Park
Friendsville Road Gravel Pits
Green Leaf Park
Greenwich Road, Homerville
Hinckley Reservation
Hinckley Reservation–Brooklyn Exchange Cabin Trails
Hinckley Reservation–Buckeye Trail
Hinckley Reservation–Buzzard Roost
Hinckley Reservation–Gravel Loop
Hinckley Reservation–Hinckley Hills Loop
Hinckley Reservation–Hinckley Lake Loop Trail
Hinckley Reservation–Johnson Picnic Area
Hinckley Reservation–Judges Lake
Hinckley Reservation–Ledge Lake Bridle Trail
Hinckley Reservation–Ledge Lake Loop Trail
Hinckley Reservation–Rising Valley
Hinckley Reservation–Spillway Pool and Ranger Station Area
Hinckley Reservation–Whipps Ledges
Hinckley Reservation–Wordens Ledges
Holmesbrook Park
Hubbard Valley Park
Killbuck Lakes Park–West
Lake Medina
Lake Road Sod Farm
Leohr Park
Leohr Park–Chippewa Creek
Lester Rail Trail
Letha House Park
Letha House Park–Great Horned Owl Bridle Trail
Letha House Park–Lake and Wood Thrush Trails
Letha House Park–Pawpaw Grove Trail
Letha House Park–West Horse Trail
Lodi Station Outlet Mall Pond
Medina Marsh
Montville Township Park
Mugrage Park
Plum Creek Park
Princess Ledges
Reagan Park
River Styx Park
River Woods Nature Preserve
Spencer Lake Wildlife Area
Spencer Reservoir
Susan Hambley Nature Center Trails
Westfield Center Village Park
Wolf Creek Environmental Center