Salt Springs Road Mahoning River View

Salt Springs Road Mahoning River View
Youngstown, Ohio 44509

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Mahoning County

Salt Springs Rd. Mahoning River View
Coordinates: 41.1056164, -80.6753155
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Photos by Bettyann Nagy

About Salt Springs Road Mahoning River View
This view of the Mahoning River is on Salt Springs Road at the I-680 and OH-193 interchange. Salt Springs Road is accessible heading east on I-680. Take the Salt Springs Road exit. There is a pull off at the end of the exit ramp where the now-closed Bridge Street intersects Salt Springs Road.

You can also reach this intersection taking Salt Springs Road southeast toward I-680. Park at the now-closed Bridge Street intersection with Salt Springs Road. Note that the exit from I-680 on Salt Springs Road is one-way. You must exit the area driving northwest on Salt Springs Road. 

Park and walk to view the Mahoning River.

No restroom facilities.