Mill Creek Wildlife Sanctuary

Mill Creek Wildlife Sanctuary
West Calla Road
Canfield, Ohio 44406
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Mahoning County

Mill Creek Wildlife Sanctuary (restricted access)
Coordinates: 40.9738798, -80.6971765
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Tips for birding Mill Creek Wildlife Sanctuary
Access to the Wildlife Sanctuary property is restricted; however, an observation platform next to the parking lot is open and allows viewing of the habitats and wildlife.

Binoculars or spotting scopes are recommended.

About Mill Creek Wildlife Sanctuary
The Mill Creek Wildlife Sanctuary is a 264-acre former fish farm is located along the Mill Creek corridor in Beaver Township and supports a diverse array of aquatic, wetland, and upland habitats. It was established in 2005 with funds from the NatureWorks and Clean Ohio Conservation Fund grant programs.

More than half of the Wildlife Sanctuary’s acreage consists of large ponds that were constructed as part of the former fish farm operation. These ponds are located within the floodplain of Mill Creek, which historically consisted of various wetland and riparian habitats prior to being altered by farming and pond construction. Through careful management of water levels within the ponds, a unique diversity of wetland habitats is maintained, including open water, marsh, and mudflat environments. This variability in habitats attracts a wide variety of wildlife species, particularly migrating birds. During the spring and fall migration months, numerous bird species use the Wildlife Sanctuary as an important resting point on their journey. Shorebirds and wading birds are especially attracted to the high-quality wetland and mudflat habitats, and hundreds of birds can be seen foraging in these areas as they refuel for their long flights. To date, more than 225 species of birds have been documented at the Wildlife Sanctuary. In addition, there records for 7 dragonflies, 3 butterflies, 3 tiger beetles, and one tree species here that were previously not observed within Mahoning County.

In 2013 an elevated observation platform was constructed to allow visitors to freely view the ponds at the Wildlife Sanctuary without disturbing the birds and other wildlife there. The deck elevation combined with the natural topography of the site puts observers approximately 50 feet above the ponds. No permit is required to use the observation platform; however, visitors are not permitted to access any other parts of the property.

Access other than the observation platform is by authorized permit only.
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No restroom facilities.