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All Hotspots in Mahoning County

Austintown Township Park
Beaver Township Nature Preserve
Berlin Lake
Berlin Lake (Mahoning County)
Berlin Lake–Mill Creek Recreation Area Campground
Boardman Park
Buckeye Horse Park
Bull Creek @ Lipply Road
Calla Road
Canfield Fairgrounds
Collier Preserve, Canfield
Crandall Park
Evans Lake
Fellows Riverside Gardens
Glenwood Avenue Disc Golf Course
Hitchcock Woods
Kyle Woods State Nature Preserve
Lake Milton State Park
Lake Milton State Park–Nature Trails and Amphitheater
Lake Milton State Park–Pointview Boat Launch
Lake Milton State Park–Robinsons Point
Lake Milton State Park–Swimming Beach Area
Lake Milton–Charley Run
Lake Milton–Dam East
Lake Milton–Henry Meshel Picnic Area
Lake Milton–Mahoning Avenue Causeway
Lake Park Wildlife Area
Lincoln Park, Youngstown
McGuffey Wildlife Preserve
Meander Reservoir
Meander Reservoir–Mahoning Avenue
Mill Creek Golf Course
Mill Creek MetroParks Farm
Mill Creek Park
Mill Creek Park–Amphitheater Area
Mill Creek Park–Bears Den Run
Mill Creek Park–Daffodil Meadow
Mill Creek Park–East Cohasset Drive
Mill Creek Park–East Channel and Islands Trail
Mill Creek Park–East Golf Hike and Bike Trail
Mill Creek Park–East Gorge Trail
Mill Creek Park–Ford Nature Center
Mill Creek Park–Glacier Falls
Mill Creek Park–Lake Cohasset
Mill Creek Park–Lake Glacier
Mill Creek Park–Lake Newport
Mill Creek Park–Lily Pond
Mill Creek Park–Newport Wetlands
Mill Creek Park–Shields Road Trailhead
Mill Creek Park–Stitt Pavilion Woods
Mill Creek Park–Suspension Bridge
Mill Creek Park–West Gorge Trail, Chestnut Hill
Mill Creek Park–West Gorge Trail, Newport Drive
Mill Creek Wildlife Sanctuary
Pine Lake
Poland Municipal Forest
Poland Township Park
Poland Trail from South Main Street to Middle School
Salt Springs Road Mahoning River View
Sawmill Creek Preserve
Sebring Woods
Vaughn Cemetery
Vickers Nature Preserve
Yellow Creek Park

The eBird checklist reviewer for Mahoning is Ethan Kistler.