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All Hotspots in Lucas County

119th Street, Point Place
149th Street, Point Place
Amolsch Ditch @ Lallendorff Road
Anchor Point Road
Angola Road and Raab Road
Audubon Islands State Nature Preserve
Bay View Park
Bayshore Fishing Access
Bayshore Power Plant
Bend View Metropark
Blue Creek Metropark
Calvary Cemetery, Toledo
Cannonball Prairie Metropark
Cedar Point National Wildlife Refuge
Cedar Point National Wildlife Refuge–Potters Pond
Cedar Point Road
Collins Park
Corduroy Road
Cullen Park
Decant Road @ Seaman Road
Delaware Creek Park
Delaware Island
Detwiler Marsh
Dry Tree Point
Elliston Road @ Veler Road
Fallen Timbers Battlefield
Farnsworth Metropark
Forest Cemetery, Toledo
Foxglove Meadow Park
Glass City Metropark
Greenwood Park, Toledo
Harroun Community Park
Harry Kessler Park–Ottawa River Viewpoint
Hecklinger Pond
Highland Park
Howard Marsh Metropark
Howard Marsh–Howard Road
Howard Marsh–Toulon Drive
Howard Pinkley Landing
International Park
Irwin Prairie State Nature Preserve
Jamie Farr Park
Jermain Park
John T. Kennedy Memorial Park
Kitty Todd Nature Preserve
Lanker Wildlife Area
Lou Campbell State Nature Preserve
Magee Marsh Wildlife Area
Magee Marsh (Lucas County)
Magee Marsh–Beach East
Magee Marsh–Beach West
Magee Marsh–Boardwalk
Magee Marsh–Causeway Marshes (Lucas County)
Magee Marsh–Goosehaven Trail
Magee Marsh–Lakefront Levee Trail
Mallard Club Marsh Wildlife Area
Manhattan Marsh Preserve Metropark
Manore Road
Maumee Bay
Maumee Bay State Park
Maumee Bay State Park–Beach
Maumee Bay State Park–Boardwalk
Maumee Bay State Park–Campground
Maumee Bay State Park–East End
Maumee Bay State Park–Inland Beach
Maumee Bay State Park–Lodge Pond and Beach
Maumee Bay State Park–Multi-use Trail
Maumee Bay State Park–Nature Center
Maumee Bay State Park–The Hill
Maumee Dredge Spoil
Maumee River @ I-280
Maumee River Mouth
Maumee River Rapids
Maumee River–Jerome Road Rapids
Maumee River–Roche De Boeuf
Meinke Marina
Metzger Marsh Wildlife Area
Metzger Marsh–Bono Road Entrance
Metzger Marsh–Causeway Viewing Areas
Metzger Marsh–Outer Dike
Metzger Marsh–Woodlot
Middlegrounds Metropark
Missionary Island Wildlife Area
Museum of the Great Lakes
North Yondota Road
Oak Openings Preserve Metropark
Oak Openings–Buehner Center and Mallard Lake
Oak Openings–Evergreen Lake
Oak Openings–Evergreen Trail
Oak Openings–Ferns and Lakes Trail
Oak Openings–Foxfire Trail
Oak Openings–Girdham Road @ Reed Road
Oak Openings–Girdham Road @ Sager Road
Oak Openings–Girdham Road Sand Dunes
Oak Openings–Horse Rider Center
Oak Openings–Jeffers Road
Oak Openings–Lodge Area
Oak Openings–Manore Road
Oak Openings–Reed Road
Oak Openings–Ridge Trail
Oak Openings–Sand Dunes Trail
Oak Openings–South Wabash Road Ski Trail
Oak Openings–Springbrook Lake Trail
Oak Openings–Wabash Cannonball Trail
Oak Openings–Waterville Swanton Road
Oak Openings–White Oak Campground
Olander Park
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge (Lucas County)
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Crane Creek Estuary (Lucas County)
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Crane Creek Estuary Trail
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Metzger Marsh Partnership Trail
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Veler Road
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Wildlife Drive (Lucas County)
Ottawa Park
Ottawa River Interpretive Trail
Otter Creek Restoration Project
Park Colony Road
Pearson Metropark
Pearson Metropark–All Purpose Trail
Pearson Metropark–Lallendorf Road Wetland
Pearson Metropark–North Perimeter Trail
Pearson Metropark–Seaman Road
Pearson Metropark–Window on Wildlife
Point Place Lighthouse
Providence Metropark
Providence Metropark–Dam and Wolf Trail
Resurrection Cemetery, Toledo
Sacks Road
Salamander Flats
Salisbury Quarry, Albon Lake
Seaman Road
Secor Metropark
Secor Metropark–Window on Wildlife
Side Cut Metropark
Side Cut Metropark–Siegert Lake
Sleepy Hollow Park
South Shore Veterans Park
Stranahan Arboretum
Swan Creek Cemetery
Swan Creek Preserve Metropark
Swan Creek Preserve Metropark–Window on Wildlife
Sylvan Prairie Park
The Shops at Fallen Timbers Lake
Toledo Botanical Garden
Toledo Memorial Park
Toledo Zoo
Toledo Zoo–North Side
Toledo Zoo–South Side
Towpath Park
University of Toledo Campus
Wabash Cannonball Trail
Wakeman Cemetery
Walbridge Park
Walbridge Park–Observation Deck
West Sister Island National Wildlife Refuge
Westwinds Metropark
Wildwood Preserve Metropark
Wilkins Road @ Sager Road (Lucas County)
Willys Park
Wiregrass Lake Metropark
Woodlawn Cemetery, Toledo
Woodsdale Park, Toledo

The eBird checklist reviewers for Lucas County are Guatam Apte, Cassidy Ficker, Jason Guerard, and Andy Jones.