Sheffield Lake Recreational Trail

Sheffield Lake Recreational Trail
Sheffield Lake, Ohio 44054

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Lorain County

Sheffield Lake Recreational Trail
Coordinates: 41.487486, -82.107059
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Photos by Patty McKelvey

About Sheffield Lake Recreational Trail
Sheffield Lake Recreational Trail, a multi-use asphalt path, runs north-south between Lake Road and Belle Avenue in a residential area. The section of the path along Belle Avenue runs east-west.

There is limited parking alongside the skate park at Ferndale Park on Ferndale Avenue. It may be possible to park near Apples Market, 4100 Ivanhoe Avenue, and walk Ivanhoe Avenue to access the path.

A creek runs alongside the path’s west side, in parts. In addition to the creek, habitat is mainly hardwoods and low, dense scrub-thickets. There is a small covered bridge at Lake Road on the north end of the path. There are several dog waste bag dispensers/disposal containers along the path in addition to a bench or two.

Birds that have been seen during spring include warblers, thrushes, vireos, flycatchers, yellow-billed cuckoo, green heron, blackbirds, barred owl. Bald eagle and turkey vulture have been known to fly over. Other winter and resident birds include chickadees, nuthatches, titmouse, cardinals, blue jays, finches, sparrows, woodpeckers, Carolina wren, junco. Several specialty birds have visited a yard near this path – evening grosbeak and yellow-headed blackbird. Take your binoculars – no scope is necessary.
From Patty McKelvey

The Sheffield Lake Recreational Trail is managed by the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Sheffield Lake.

There are no restroom facilities; however, there are restrooms at a nearby Speedway gas station at 4208 Lake Road.