Oberlin Preserve–South Woods

Oberlin Preserve South Woods
West Hamilton Street
Oberlin, Ohio 44074
Western Reserve Land Conservancy Parks and Preserves webpage
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Oberlin Preserve–South Woods
Coordinates: 41.2772443, -82.2317541
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Tips for birding Oberlin Preserve South Woods
You can access the walking path through the south woods (a gravel railroad right-of-way) by parking at the far western edge of the parking lot for the Hamilton Road athletic fields. There is a nice large parking lot there. You walk just west to access the north-south path. You can also access the middle of the right-of-way by parking at the cul-de-sac at the end of Reserve Avenue, off of OH-58. The right-of-way runs all the way down to US-20 from Hamilton Road but there’s no parking at that end.

The right-of-way runs through a very wet woodlot which has had some nice birds in it. It’s underutilized except by trail runners and the very occasional dog-walker. You could also access this walkway by riding a bike down the Oberlin-Kipton-Elyria bike path and turning south toward Splash Zone. The best bird area is south of Hamilton Road.
From Diana Steele

About Oberlin Preserve South Woods
Western Reserve Land Conservancy has acquired a 63-acre section of the Oberlin Great South Woods.

The land includes forests, wetlands, and a meadow and is intended to be used for both research and public use. The land conservancy has worked with Lorain County Metro Parks to ready the area for public use. People are able to run, hike and picnic.

Oberlin’s Great South Woods are home to many different rare birds, amphibians, and reptiles. Protecting so many rare species provides research opportunities for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and Oberlin College.
From Oberlin South Woods news article

Tips for birding Oberlin Preserve
Parking for the Oberlin Preserve is on West Hamilton Street adjacent to the prairie restoration. The South Woods may be viewed from the Ramsay Right of Way pedestrian path.

About Oberlin Preserve
The Oberlin Preserve includes restored native prairie and wet woods habitats. Western Reserve Land Conservancy began to restore the native prairie in 2017 with the help of many conservation partners and the work is not done yet! A visit to this property includes walking prairie trails and viewing the wet woods from the right-of-way trail to the east. Visit in late summer or early fall to see spectacular wildflowers.
From Western Reserve Land Conservancy Parks and Preserves webpage

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