Charlemont Reservation

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Lorain County

Charlemont Reservation
Coordinates: 41.0746926, -82.2690582
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Charlemont Reservation Trails
There are 5.2 miles of natural surface trails at the Charlemont Reservation.

About Charlemont Reservation
Charlemont is a 757-acre undeveloped park located in the main farming region of southern Lorain County and is the only reservation in the Lorain County Metro Parks system that allows hunting (rabbit and pheasant.) The park is also a favorite of horseback riders.

Natural Habitat at Charlemont includes forest, meadows and fields, successional and some wetland areas. Two small headwater streams, Buck and Charlemont Creeks, run roughly south to north through the reservation. Charlemont also has seven ponds ranging from .5 to 2.1 acres which attract waterfowl, marsh birds, and other wildlife and provide an additional habitat for amphibians.

Charlemont’s forested acreage is predominantly of the upland variety and elm, ash and maple are probably the most abundant. Mast-producing beech, oak, and hickory are less well represented and exist primarily in isolated stands.

Field habitat consists of three types: cool season grass, grass-forb, and switchgrass. Cool season grass fields include rye, timothy, brome grass, orchard grass, and red clover. Grass-forb fields include goldenrod, milkweed, iron and joe-pye weed. Switchgrass dominates in switchgrass fields, which is encouraged through conservation efforts as it provides cover for pheasant and other wildlife. Efforts include mowing of alien species such as Canada thistle, teasel, chicory, and Queen Ann’s lace to allow for native grasses to take hold.
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No restroom facilities.