T. J. Evans Bike Path–Newark

T. J. Evans Bike Path
Granville, Ohio 43023
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Licking County

T. J. Evans Bike Path–Newark
Coordinates: 40.0419576, -82.4706827
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Tips for birding T. J. Evans Bike Path–Newark
This is a rather fast transition into urban greenbelt, as the bike path is squeezed between Raccoon Creek and the bustling freeway of OH-16. There are a few patches of green along the route, particularly Flory Park near the east end, so the potential for trapping migrants is good. The slower creek and several ponds created from the freeway usually have geese and Mallard flocks that can harbor unusual strays.

Tips for birding T. J. Evans Bike Path
This path runs for nearly 19 miles, from rural Johnstown, down the Raccoon River valley to urban Newark. It’s an old rail-to-trail, and enough time has passed that most of the route is shaded by sizeable trees. That said, forest blocks are mostly narrow and small along the path (with one striking exception), so you’re mostly riding a treed corridor through farm fields. For birding potential, we’ll break the path up into 5 segments, giving a general overview of each, and suggesting short stretches that have proven to have diverse birds. I describe these sections running west to east.
From Rob Thorn

About T. J. Evans Bike Path
The T.J. Evans trail is one of Ohio’s first rail trails and features great scenery and history from Newark to Johnstown in Licking County.
From T. J. Evans Bike Path webpage

Restroom facilities are located at the Johnstown parking lot, Wildwood Park in Granville, and Flory Park in Newark.