Infirmary Mound Park

Infirmary Mound
4351 Lancaster Road
Granville, Ohio 43023
Licking Park District webpage
Infirmary Mound map

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Licking County

Infirmary Mound Park
Coordinates: 40.0234743, -82.5209667
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Photos by Margaret Bowman

Ohio Birding Day Hike

Infirmary Mound Park Trails
Hiking trails at Infirmary Mound Park include:
Orange Trail – .75 mile
White Trail – .65 mile
Blue Trail – 1.2 miles
Red Trail – 1 mile
Yellow Trail – 1.25 miles
Green Trail – .65 mile

A description with a map of a 4.2-mile hike on trails at Infirmary Mound Park is one the AllTrails website.

Tips for birding Infirmary Mound Park
Infirmary Mound Park has the “home office” for the Licking Parks District, so it gets more attention, and more traffic, than the other parks. The “grassland” has not been maintained as such, and rarely supports typical grassland birds such as Bobolinks. However, there are several good woodland and riparian trails. Sometimes Northern Harriers are seen, and in spring the migrating warblers can be very good. There is a Bluebird trail, as well, and a fishing pond which might have waterfowl when not frozen. Woodcocks regularly appear in late February or March.
From Margaret Bowman

About Infirmary Mound Park
The 316-acre Infirmary Mound Park preserves the prehistoric “Infirmary Mound.” Facilities include picnic tables and shelter houses, fishing, walking, hiking, and equestrian trails, small playground areas, and sledding (in winter).
From Licking Park District webpage

Restrooms on site.