Granville Schools Land Lab

2025 Burg Street
Granville, Ohio 43023
Granville Schools Land Lab news article
Land Lab safety message

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Licking County

Granville Schools Land Lab
Coordinates: 40.088922, -82.545264
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Tips for birding Granville Schools Land Lab
For those interested in the Granville Land Lab, here is a rough map of some points of interest.
P: Park here
O: The new observation deck
Green: Where the Sedge Wren and Marsh Wrens have been seen
Black: A mowed path from the observation deck down toward the wetland
Yellow: Where I have most often seen Bobolinks
Blue: Common location for Indigo Buntings (they also regularly sing from the dead tree behind the parking lot near the agricultural field)
From Brad Imhoff

About Granville Schools Land Lab
The Granville Schools Land Lab is a 35-acre study area adjacent to Granville Intermediate School.
From Granville Schools Land Lab news article

The Land Lab at the Intermediate School is a project that has been headed by High School Environmental students for years and provides a restored local habitat that is open to the Granville community. The space can be used for exploring, walking dogs, strolling, enjoying nature, learning, teaching, and more. There is potential for growth at all ages out there, and as students, we hope this project continues to expand and positively affect our town for many years to come.

Unfortunately, there have recently been a few safety issues out at the Land Lab that have raised concern throughout the district. As our wetlands have frozen over this very cold winter, a few groups have been on the ice recreationally. This poses a threat to the safety of those individuals and for the success of our Land Lab in the future. It simply isn’t worth losing our wetlands or the openness of the Land Lab should anyone get hurt out there. We want to make sure the community is aware of both the opportunities and the importance of using the Land Lab wisely and let everyone know that we want people to have a safe experience when visiting the area. Being on the ice is something that we simply cannot allow, and we hope that this message can be passed along before any serious problems arise.
From Land Lab safety message

No restroom facilities.