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All Hotspots in Licking County

Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve
Blackhand Gorge–Marie Hickey Trail
Buckeye Lake (Licking County)
Buckeye Lake State Park
Buckeye Lake State Park–North Shore
Dawes Arboretum
Dawes Arboretum–Dutch Fork Wetlands
Dawes Arboretum–Red Barn Area
Denison University
Denison University Biological Reserve
Evans Park
Fanchion Lewis Park
Flint Ridge State Memorial
Granville Schools Land Lab
Hebron Fish Hatchery and Wetlands
Hoback Park
Horns Hill Park
Infirmary Mound Park
Liberty Park, Pataskala
Lobdell Reserve
Morris Woods State Nature Preserve
Ohio State University Newark Campus
Old Eden Elementary School
Pataskala Municipal Park
Spring Valley Nature Preserve
Swamp Road
T. J. Evans Bike Path
T. J. Evans Bike Path–Alexandria to Granville
T. J. Evans Bike Path–Granville
T. J. Evans Bike Path–Harndens Mill to Reddington Road
T. J. Evans Bike Path–Johnstown to Alexandria
T. J. Evans Bike Path–Newark
T. J. Evans Park, Newark
Taft Reserve
Taft Reserve–Flint Ridge Road Entrance
Taft Reserve–Kraner Nature Center
Thomas J. Evans Foundation Park, Pataskala
Welsh Hills Cemetery
Wildcat Park