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Woodland Park, Eastlake

35900 Woodland Drive
Eastlake, Ohio 44095
Eastlake Parks webpage

Also, see Lake County Birding Drive

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Lake County

Woodland Park, Eastlake
Coordinates: 41.6613868, -81.4236581
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About Woodland Park
Woodland Park is just to the west of Lake County’s metro park, Chagrin River Park.

The park itself is mainly a playground and some ball fields. It also has views of the Chagrin River. Following the river south there is a path and service road that runs along the river between a patch of trees. The river can be accessed from this path. South of the soccer and football fields is a small field adjacent to the river.

Also, to the south and west of the ball field area is woods. The woods have several different features: one is a stream that runs through it, and another is an area close to the park has a flooded area with some large cottonwoods and buttonbush growing in it. This area can be full of water or dry depending on the season and year. Also, there is a small, more open patch of the woods that can attract more successional species.

In all this is a good area to visit when nearby and you do not have a lot of time. There is a lot of habitat diversity in a small area.

You can park at either the Woodland Road entrance or the entrance from Lakeshore Boulevard (this entrance is closed in winter). When arriving from Lakeshore Boulevard (41.665507,-81.428102), follow the entrance road and after it makes a 45 degrees left turn, you will see the main parking lot.
From Cory Chiappone