Sunset Park, Willoughby

Sunset Park
38321 Beachview Road
Willoughby, Ohio 44094

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Sunset Park, Willoughby
Coordinates: 41.6972135, -81.4033645
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Tips for birding Sunset Park
Sunset Park is perfect for birders wanting to watch the lake. It allows for extensive unobstructed views of the lake as birds fly by. The park is also located on top of a lake bluff so you have a better angle of the birds and do not have to worry about being splashed by waves on those blustery days. The benches, although swinging, can be used to sit on while viewing through your scope for extended periods.

At this park, you can pull right up to the lake bluff and bird from your car, which is helpful since the lake is often very cold and windy during the times you will be watching. A good technique is to mount the scope on your window or set it up by the car, then you can watch through your binoculars in the heat of the car. Since you have such a wide range of view, you can often see what is coming from far away and jump out to use your scope as needed. If you still prefer to be outside, so you can use your scope more often, at least you can position your car to block the wind and set up next to it.
From Cory Chiappone

Sunset Park overlooks Lake Erie and can be excellent in winter for gulls, Jaegers, and waterfowl.
From Birding Lake County’s Often Overlooked Birding Hotspots by Haans Petruschke

About Sunset Park
Sunset Park is a passive park located along approximately 570 feet of Beachview Road, west of Elmwood Drive in Willoughby. The park is primarily a scenic overlook and includes picnic tables and benches atop a 40-foot sloping bluff. A concrete-capped bulkhead is positioned at the bottom of the bluff. Beach access is prohibited. A chain-rope fence restricts access to the lake. Fishing is permitted from the top of the bulkhead. Limited pull-off parking is available.
From Lake Erie Public Access Guide

The 2-acre Sunset Park is a linear strip of green space north of North Beachview Road in the city of Willoughby. The park extends from Beachview Road on the west to the terminus of Elmwood Drive on the east. Both the road and the drive intersect OH-283 (Lake Shore Boulevard), which is to the south.

Sunset Park is primarily a scenic overlook with picnic tables and swing benches overlooking Lake Erie atop a partially mowed grass sloped bluff. The area of flat ground at the top of the bluff averages 20 feet wide along the park’s 630-foot length.

Although very steep, one can traverse the smooth, manicured bluff that leads down to a concrete-capped bulkhead. The top of the bulkhead is approximately 10 feet above the water level of Lake Erie. For safety purposes, a chain-rope barrier fence is placed on the lake side of the narrow cap which can serve as a walkway. Access beyond the fence down to a narrow pocket beach and the lake is prohibited. There are no signs prohibiting fishing.

Pull-off parking for Sunset Park is available north of North Beachview Road.

No restroom facilities.