Lakeshore Reservation

Lakeshore Reservation
4799 Lockwood Road
North Perry Village, Ohio 44081
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Lakeshore Reservation
Coordinates: 41.812064, -81.122264
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Tips for birding Lakeshore Reservation
Lakeshore Reservation is 83.94 acres in size. The park property was once a series of home sites. The habitat is a mix of small woods, shrub habitat, and coniferous stands. There is an abundance of fruit-bearing trees and shrubs. A series of paved and unpaved trails crisscross the park. The bluffs overlooking Lake Erie are excellent for viewing spring and fall waterbird flights. In the spring songbird migration is often intense, and hawk flights are possible.

Take OH-2 east from Painesville, OH-2 will end and will merge to US-20. Take US-20 east 4.5 miles to Antioch Road. Take Antioch Road north till it dead ends at the park entrance.
From Ohio Ornithological Society

Lakeshore Reservation as that small park can have large numbers of migrants in spring.
From Birding Lake County’s Often Overlooked Birding Hotspots by Haans Petruschke

Birds of Interest by Season
When the lake is open, it is an excellent area to watch passing ducks and gulls. The numerous conifer stands, alders, and fruit-bearing shrubs attract winter finches (in season).
During southwest winds, strong movements of songbirds can be seen.
The numerous conifers attract occasional nesting siskins, purple finches, and red-breasted nuthatches. Pine and Blackburnian warblers have also nested.
This is one of the better areas in northeast Ohio for watching passing waterbirds. The bluffs provide excellent viewing. Songbird migration can also be excellent.

About the Lakeshore Reservation
This property was once owned by ten individuals who had summer or permanent residences along Lake Erie. Several property boundaries are still visible because of treelines that remain. The largest piece of property was owned by Charles Irish, a well-known arborist. He planted various non-native ornamental trees and shrubs amidst the native trees, including a large number of rhododendrons near the east boundary of the park.

The property was developed as a park because the site had the most naturally stable beach conditions with a mature stand of trees along Lake Erie in Lake County. The park district received assistance to purchase the lakeshore properties from the U.S. Bureau of Outdoor Recreation through the Land and Water Conservation Fund. The parcels of land were acquired between 1967 and 1973.
From Lakeshore Reservation webpage

The 81.3-acre Lakeshore Reservation is a Lake Metropark facility fronting a half-mile of Lockwood Road. The park’s access is at the northern terminus of Antioch Road in the village of North Perry.

Access to the park’s 0.52-mile “wild” beach is provided via two sets of stairs leading down the heavily wooded bluff. The stairs, one located near the western one-third of shore and the other near the eastern park boundary, are accessible by way of a 1.6-mile network of handicap-accessible paved asphalt trails that meander throughout the park connecting various amenities.

The 10 parcels of land that comprise the park were purchased between 1967 and 1973. In some areas, previous owners planted non-native ornamental trees and shrubs amidst the native trees, including a large number of rhododendrons near the east boundary of the park.

Lakeshore Reservation is heavily wooded with just a few open mowed grass areas near the parking lots. The park is home to the Strock Sculpture Garden, a memorial to Luanna Strock, wife of the park system’s first naturalist, Don Strock. The memorial includes a sculpted sundial, a cable bridge and a bronze cast of the area.

Additional park amenities include two picnic shelters (one is first come, first served and the other may be reserved) and handicap-accessible restrooms. Fishing is permitted along the shore. A trail map is available at park kiosks and online.

Restrooms at locations identified on Lakeshore Reservation map.

Handicap accessible paved trails and accessible restrooms.