Hidden Lake Metropark

Hidden Lake Metropark
7024 Kniffen Road
Leroy Township, Ohio 44077
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Hidden Lake Metropark
Coordinates: 41.6829926, -81.1321262
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About Hidden Lake Metropark
Enjoy the beauty and wonder of this hidden gem, with 111 acres explore and fish. The park features nearly a mile loop trail, a nine-acre pond and a pier extending into the pond for fishing and wildlife observation. Limited parking.

Mammals observed in a survey conducted in July 2012 at Hidden Lake included the eastern cottontail, woodchuck, eastern chipmunk, and fox squirrel. Tracks or other sign were found for coyote, raccoon, and white-tailed deer. Reptiles included the eastern garter snake and midland painted turtle. Amphibians seen were red-spotted newt, American toad, gray treefrog, and green frog.

Sixteen species of butterflies were observed in the same survey including the broad-winged skipper, which is new to this area. Twelve species of dragonflies and six species of damselflies were found. The slaty skimmer and Carolina saddlebags (uncommon) are new for the area. The only tiger beetle found was the common six-spotted tiger beetle.

Forty-four species of breeding birds were found while conducting this survey or from surveys conducted earlier in the season. Several uncommon and state-listed species were found including the yellow-bellied sapsucker (Endangered), blue-headed vireo (uncommon), hermit thrush (Threatened), and purple finch (Species of concern).

A population of woodland horsetail, listed as “Threatened in Ohio, was found; as well as golden saxifrage, an uncommon species.
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Restrooms at locations identified on Hidden Lake Metropark map.