Eastlake Garden Park

Eastlake Garden Park
Eastlake, Ohio 44095
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Eastlake Garden Park
Coordinates: 41.671581, -81.4066586
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Photos by Cory Chiappone

About Eastlake Garden Park
Eastlake Garden Park is located between neighborhoods and follows a wooded section of Ward Creek shortly before it drains into the Chagrin River.

The main entrance (the yellow 1 on the map below) is off of Laura Drive in Eastlake. It has a good sized parking lot, but it can be easy to pass up as it is connected to a private driveway. There is a small sign on a telephone pole just before the entrance (41.671185, -81.406117). There are several other smaller entrances off of Brook Drive and the end of Robin Drive (marked 2,3 on the map) that can be accessed by parking along the road.

The main path of the park goes west from the parking lot and is about a mile long. The path at the end turns from gravel to grass and can be a bit indistinct but takes you to a nice open brushy section. This area in fall also has a lot of berries that attract birds. If you follow the grassy path it will turn to a dirt path that loops back to the main path.
From Cory Chiappone

No restroom facilities.