Chagrin River Park

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Chagrin River Park
Coordinates: 41.6579483, -81.4059368
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Ohio Birding Day Hike

Chagrin River Park Trails
Brambleside Loop Trail – .9 mile – easy
Chagrin River Access Trail – .1 mile – easy
Reeves Trail – .3. mile -easy
Riverwood Trail – .9 mile – easy
Song Bird Loop Trail – .6 mile – easy
Woodland Run Trail – .6 mile – easy

A description with map of a 3.1-mile hike using the trails in the Chagrin River Park is available on the AllTrails website.

Tips for birding Chagrin River Park
This 237-acre park is located in a suburban area with access to approximately .5 mile of the Chagrin River which Audubon Ohio has designated as an Important Bird Area. In addition, there are seasonal wetlands, second growth forests, managed grassland, and scrub fields which attract a variety of migrant and resident birds. The park is very accessible with approx. 3 miles of easy to walk trails.
Spring: An excellent variety of migrating warblers, sparrows, thrushes, and other songbirds, rails, and shorebirds.
Summer: Over 75 species of nesting birds includes yellow warblers, Baltimore and orchard orioles, spotted sandpiper, flycatchers, kingfishers, swallows, bobolinks, cuckoos, song and savannah sparrows, sora rail.
From Ohio Ornithological Society

About Chagrin River Park
In 1993 Lake Metroparks acquired 101 acres along the Chagrin River, located in the communities of Eastlake and Willoughby. Most of the park’s natural areas are made up of dense shrubs with pockets of mature forest bordering wetland areas. Archaeologist Charles Whittlesey found evidence of earthworks along the Chagrin River just downstream from this park.

The site is named the Reeve Village site for the property’s owner, Dr. George N. Reeve. People living here between 1250 and 1500 AD have been named the Whittlesey Culture after the archaeologist. During several excavations, a variety of artifacts were found including clay vessels, bird bone beads, projectile points, scrapers, and a large number of smoking or ceremonial pipes. These can now be seen at the Indian Museum of Lake County.

Look for great blue herons, kingfishers, bank swallows, and sandpipers near the river. Two wetland areas support frogs, salamanders, and a variety of songbirds. The seasonal wetland near the picnic shelter serves as a haven for great blue heron and ducks, such as mallards and blue-winged teal. Parkland on the east and west bank of the Chagrin River are linked by a pedestrian bridge. Access is provided to more than 2.83 miles of trails.
From Chagrin River Park webpage

Restrooms at locations identified on Chagrin River Park map.