Blair Road Park

Blair Road Park
5280 Blair Road
Perry, Ohio 44081
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Also, see Grand River-Lower Watershed Important Bird Area

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Blair Rd. Park
Coordinates: 41.7277118, -81.1383194
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Tips for birding Blair Road Park
Blair Road Park is a small park with the only trail being a short walk to the Grand River. The habitat, however, is very good. The parking lot is surrounded by woods that host forest species and, down the trail, floodplain habitat which can be checked by walking along the river. Although it is close to Blair Road there is not much traffic though this may vary depending on the time of day.
From Cory Chiappone

About Blair Road Park
Blair Road Park is a large area of floodplain with little rise until the valley wall. It is relatively open floodplain with the characteristic vegetation makeup typical of the Grand River floodplain terrace. A number of uncommon plants can be found here including hairy-fruited sedge, hairy agrimony, white hellebore, nodding rattlesnake root and sweet-scented Indian plantain.

The park is also home to a number of state-listed and uncommon wildlife including the following birds: cerulean warbler, dark-eyed junco, and least flycatcher. Green-faced clubtail dragonfly has also been found here. Bald eagles are a common sight along this stretch of the river.
From Blair Road Park webpage

No restroom facilities.